Friday, October 21, 2011

Reason not to pay life insurance claims

Felt cheated by the insurance company because of your claim is rejected? This article is made to customers & potential customers know what can make your claim is rejected and prevent harm to customers
Generally, denial of insurance claim payment in because
1. Customer dishonesty.
Many people have realized the importance of insurance when already in jangkiti serious diseases like cancer, heart, etc.. If the customer fill out an honest SPAJ (Application for Life Insurance) diseases that are in misery, it would be rejected because the insurance company is not a charity.If the customer claims due to accidents or other issues outside of his illness is, of course lie will not be revealed, but in the event of a claim (illness / death) because the disease is, of course, lies will be uncovered and the insurance company the right to refuse payment of claims.
2. Dishonesty agent.
Many agents simply chasing sales targets and commissions, so they are reluctant to explain at length about the products on offer, apart from being able to create a sales cycle becomes longer, too risky to buy off potential customers.Even in some cases, agentlah which encourages customers to be dishonest. I've experienced myself when getting a prospective customer has a doctor diagnosed a deadly disease. Prospective client has been rejected by some insurance companies, and only one company that received since agentnya provide advice to not include the diagnosis.Dishonesty agent can also be in the form of promises that are not listed in the policy. That's why customers should be willing to take the time to read policies and match them with the words of the seller agent. If there is not in the know, try to ask the seller agent. If the negative attitude that you do not even try to understand the content of policy, then you need to question the motivation of the agents.
3. Because the exclusion in the policy
Many of the agents (the honest ones) pengecualian2 negligent in explaining that there is in the policy. Explained or not by the agent, read or not by the customer, the exception still applies, meaning that if your claim included in the exceptions, then do not be angry if your claim is rejected. For those of you who already have an insurance policy, read and understand the existing pengecualian2 now, so you are not disappointed later.
4. Because insurance companies are not bona fide
Life insurance is a long-term contracts, in many cases, new claims came after a few tens of years as a customer. Therefore, choose a company that is reliable, and to facilitate you, every year as investors and Infobank magazine published the rating of insurance companies. Although the ratings are not a guarantee, but at least help you to make decisions.