Friday, October 21, 2011

Myths about insurance

Many misleading myths that circulate in the community about the insurance. This is some of them. This list will always be our updates every time we find another mitos2.

Myth: If I take life insurance, it means I do not believe in God's protection
Answer: When we left the car / house, whether we locked the door or not? If we believe in the protection of God, of course, we do not need to lock the door at all, because God will take care of us. God gives sense & mind to man so that man could think. Just as God gave the intellect that we will lock the door of the car / house when leaving and not God as keepers at home / your car, then God also gave us minds so that we can protect ourselves from things that are unforeseen by taking protection insurance and do not blame God when things happen that are not in want.

Myth: Insurance claims difficult, and often do not pay.
Answer: If insurance claims difficult and complicated, then the insurance business would continue to shrink because no one else would insurance. In fact the insurance business continues to grow each year. Why not pay life insurance claim can be read here

Myth: Participatory life insurance that means I would die soon.
Answer: If all life insurance customers promptly died shortly after take insurance, the insurance company would have been bankrupt long ago, because of how the customer can pay claims whose value is not comparable to the premium paid. Precisely the fact remains most insurance customers long-lived because in prayer by all employees and insurance agent, so the next year and the next tahun2 customers can continue to pay insurance premiums so that they all still work and the salary by the company

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