Friday, October 21, 2011

All Risk Insurance

The term all risk in the insurance world is not really appropriate, because all risk means any risk, so that the impression of all the risks in liability insurance, the insurance while in reality there are always exceptions.

There are so many disputes when an insurance claim because the customer had never read the policy on receipt, or the agent never explained the exclusion.

Many of the reasons why the agent never (or even unwilling) to explain the exceptions in the policy, the agent may not know about the exceptions that exist or may also be because the agent worry you will not be buying an insurance policy after being explained all of the exclusion.

Whatever the reason the agent did not explain, you still have to read and understand that there are any exceptions, because of ignorance of such exceptions will not render the exclusion void.

Our hope this article can open your insight about the world of insurance because by knowing there are exceptions, then you will not be disappointed and blame the insurance company if your insurance claim is rejected because it included in the exemption.

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