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Myths about insurance

Many misleading myths that circulate in the community about the insurance. This is some of them. This list will always be our updates every time we find another mitos2.

Myth: If I take life insurance, it means I do not believe in God's protection
Answer: When we left the car / house, whether we locked the door or not? If we believe in the protection of God, of course, we do not need to lock the door at all, because God will take care of us. God gives sense & mind to man so that man could think. Just as God gave the intellect that we will lock the door of the car / house when leaving and not God as keepers at home / your car, then God also gave us minds so that we can protect ourselves from things that are unforeseen by taking protection insurance and do not blame God when things happen that are not in want.

Myth: Insurance claims difficult, and often do not pay.
Answer: If insurance claims difficult and complicated, then the insurance business would continue to shrink because no one else would insurance. In fact the insurance business continues to grow each year. Why not pay life insurance claim can be read here

Myth: Participatory life insurance that means I would die soon.
Answer: If all life insurance customers promptly died shortly after take insurance, the insurance company would have been bankrupt long ago, because of how the customer can pay claims whose value is not comparable to the premium paid. Precisely the fact remains most insurance customers long-lived because in prayer by all employees and insurance agent, so the next year and the next tahun2 customers can continue to pay insurance premiums so that they all still work and the salary by the company

Reason not to pay life insurance claims

Felt cheated by the insurance company because of your claim is rejected? This article is made to customers & potential customers know what can make your claim is rejected and prevent harm to customers
Generally, denial of insurance claim payment in because
1. Customer dishonesty.
Many people have realized the importance of insurance when already in jangkiti serious diseases like cancer, heart, etc.. If the customer fill out an honest SPAJ (Application for Life Insurance) diseases that are in misery, it would be rejected because the insurance company is not a charity.If the customer claims due to accidents or other issues outside of his illness is, of course lie will not be revealed, but in the event of a claim (illness / death) because the disease is, of course, lies will be uncovered and the insurance company the right to refuse payment of claims.
2. Dishonesty agent.
Many agents simply chasing sales targets and commissions, so they are reluctant to explain at length about the products on offer, apart from being able to create a sales cycle becomes longer, too risky to buy off potential customers.Even in some cases, agentlah which encourages customers to be dishonest. I've experienced myself when getting a prospective customer has a doctor diagnosed a deadly disease. Prospective client has been rejected by some insurance companies, and only one company that received since agentnya provide advice to not include the diagnosis.Dishonesty agent can also be in the form of promises that are not listed in the policy. That's why customers should be willing to take the time to read policies and match them with the words of the seller agent. If there is not in the know, try to ask the seller agent. If the negative attitude that you do not even try to understand the content of policy, then you need to question the motivation of the agents.
3. Because the exclusion in the policy
Many of the agents (the honest ones) pengecualian2 negligent in explaining that there is in the policy. Explained or not by the agent, read or not by the customer, the exception still applies, meaning that if your claim included in the exceptions, then do not be angry if your claim is rejected. For those of you who already have an insurance policy, read and understand the existing pengecualian2 now, so you are not disappointed later.
4. Because insurance companies are not bona fide
Life insurance is a long-term contracts, in many cases, new claims came after a few tens of years as a customer. Therefore, choose a company that is reliable, and to facilitate you, every year as investors and Infobank magazine published the rating of insurance companies. Although the ratings are not a guarantee, but at least help you to make decisions.

All Risk Insurance

The term all risk in the insurance world is not really appropriate, because all risk means any risk, so that the impression of all the risks in liability insurance, the insurance while in reality there are always exceptions.

There are so many disputes when an insurance claim because the customer had never read the policy on receipt, or the agent never explained the exclusion.

Many of the reasons why the agent never (or even unwilling) to explain the exceptions in the policy, the agent may not know about the exceptions that exist or may also be because the agent worry you will not be buying an insurance policy after being explained all of the exclusion.

Whatever the reason the agent did not explain, you still have to read and understand that there are any exceptions, because of ignorance of such exceptions will not render the exclusion void.

Our hope this article can open your insight about the world of insurance because by knowing there are exceptions, then you will not be disappointed and blame the insurance company if your insurance claim is rejected because it included in the exemption.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips How to Spend Less on Health Insurance

Health Insurance is imperative to your daily savings and expenses. It’s possible to fall ill at any unexpected time, causing misery and most importantly, if you are not covered with any health insurance plan, it may prove to be quite expensive on the pocket. Economy isn’t good these days. Every penny saved goes towards your savings, and can help you better prepare for your future. If a situation arises where you stand compelled to invest this money, especially for health reasons, it can surely upset your balance. Lowering your expenses is highly important. One of many easiest ways in order to save money is through getting an insurance package to safeguard yourself and your family at times of need.

Most people often find it expensive to opt for a health insurance. They are of the notion which they would rather spend this money if any ailment arises. If you are a average ordinary person, consider a time in per month where you have just paid your monthly bills, had your mortgage settled out, and are just pleased with the way everything has turned out. But things may go wrong if you fall ill all of a sudden. Remember, we set apart an amount of money its our expenses except for health related issues. It’s not uncommon. People have a tendency to save money on literally everything, but simply couldn’t afford to save a few hundred dollars for his or her own health.

Health Insurance may not be as expensive together would think. Over time, various medical health insurance companies have evolved with interesting medical and health insurance packages that are easier about the pocket, even while providing high quality service. Unlike the prior days, we are provided with an opportunity to compare and select different health insurance and life insurance packages that attract us one of the most. Now for a few hundred dollars per month, you can insure all of your family against unpredictable circumstances and provide them with quality treatment facilities. Match it up to the actual costs that could be incurred during some certain illness. We are referring to thousands of dollars saved. You are able to compare and obtain free quotes on several health, life, medical along with other insurance plans from Health Insure Direct.

HSA or Health Savings Account is another option of saving money on health insurance. HSA lets you gain the full advantage of health insurance plans, and in addition provides you with competitive tax benefits. HSA is much more like a checking account, where you are necessary to invest a few hundred dollars monthly. You’ll get a fixed interest about this money, and also the money being invested in HSA is absolutely tax free. Also, there is nothing known as maturity from the insurance plan, and you may withdraw any amount of money to your medical expenses out of your HSA anytime you want. All you will require is to repay the deficient amount in the subsequent monthly premiums. Health Savings Account is just one more reason to save money for the extra needs.

A Glance of Homeowners Insurance

The afterward commodity includes pertinent advice that may account you to amend what you anticipation you understood. The best important affair is to abstraction with an accessible apperception and be accommodating to alter your compassionate if necessary.

If you don’t accept authentic capacity apropos Homeowners Insurance, again you ability accomplish a bad best on the subject. Don’t let that happen: accumulate reading.

Homeowners Insurance

Are you attractive for homeowners allowance in Washington? Do you appetite to get the best rates? Again actuality are guidelines on how you can go about in accepting the best Homeowners Insurancecoverage.

Washington Homeowners Insurance Policy

The Homeowners Insurance is all-important if you appetite to assure your home from accustomed calamities such as astringent wind storms, tornadoes and floods that are arresting in Washington.

The Homeowners Insurance additionally protects you from accountability lawsuits and added abrupt losses. There are several things to accede while allotment a home owners allowance in Washington. They are the coverage, the bulk and the allowance company.


The bulk of money that the insurance aggregation has insured your home should be acceptable abundant to clean your home and alter your claimed assets in case of any accident to them.

In Washington mortgage lenders necessitate that you accept homeowners insurance. They crave that the accommodation bulk be of the aforementioned bulk as the purchased bulk of the home. Note that this is the bulk bare for coverage, you charge to get the appropriate to rebuilding bulk from a bounded builder. This is the bulk that you should get insured for.

There are two methods that insurers use to assure a person’s claimed property. The aboriginal one is the absolute banknote bulk of the items adding the abrasion of the bulk of the account for the cardinal of years you accept endemic it. The additional one is the backup bulk which pays the abounding amount of your assets. This one is added big-ticket but aces in the end.


To accomplish abiding that you get the best adduce for your acreage you charge to boutique about several companies to get the cheapest quote.

There are websites on the internet that acquiesce allegory of quotes from quotes from altered companies. It alone takes a few account afore you get your results. Some of the sites accept a babble account that you can use to acquaint with an insurance abettor who can acknowledgment all your questions.

Find out about accessible discounts if you advance the assurance and aegis of your home. You can be able to get discounts of amid 15 and 20 percent by convalescent the aegis and installing anxiety systems in your home.

Make abiding that you are purchasing your insurance from a reliable company. Check that the aggregation has a acceptable acceptability and is in accord to pay your claims.

How To Choose The Right Health Insurance

Did you know, deciding to purchase health insurance is critical?, the choice of plan is most appropriate. With so many options available in the market, they are forced to merge. Find out what the policy includes before deciding to buy. Make sure you are aware of all terms and conditions. You will find that the price is not the only criterion with respect to health insurance.

In general, any health insurance to cover hospitalization and associated costs of diagnosis, counseling, testing, etc., assuming that all are equal, and to choose the cheapest plan may not be in place for health insurance benefits. Coverage, terms, costs and spending limits may vary for each company. While it is important to consider the fees and controls the convenience factor, go is what features should, ideally, to decide the final selection.

The coverage limits, deadlines, costs and expenses may vary for each company.

The first step in this direction is to determine the amount of coverage you need. Weigh your needs, see what you can save for emergencies. Determine the set of what must be covered by the plan. Once you have these things in place, you should compare the best options available. Comparison of different plans available on the market learn about what companies offer different, and so help you identify your needs.

What to look and compare?

There are certain points while confirming the purchase of insurance. Check these points when searching and comparison.
- See how old the policy covers
Most health insurance companies in India to cover until you reach a certain age. After that age, the coverage ceases. Also, it is a maximum age of entry for a health insurance plan. No insurance company accepts your proposal if you have crossed the maximum age of entry. Covered up to age may vary. Some companies even offer a lifetime protection.
- Consider the policy sub-limits
Health insurance covers hospital costs, expert fees, diagnostic tests, medications, room rental, ambulance costs, etc., but each part can be a part of a counterclaim. These limits may be sub fixed amounts or a percentage of the total sum insured. It 'important to consider the sub-limit in the light of the place of your own and that hospitals use.
- Find out what is not covered
There are certain medical conditions, treatments and consulting firms are not covered by the policy. They can be permanently excluded or they may be associated with stress. Like childbirth and pregnancy-related treatments may not be covered at all, but conditions such as cataract surgery or a hernia may not be covered only during the first year of insurance. Identify and compare the various policies to find one that suits your needs the most.
- Check waiting times
All insurance shall enter into force when at least 30 days waiting period. Until then, just an accident-related illnesses are. For some companies, the waiting time can be even greater. In addition, the initial waiting, there are some diseases that are not covered by the first or first two years of a policy. You may have to wait up to four years of any pre-existing disease include, depending on the insurance company. Check out what the wait time for a variety of situations.
- Look for information on hospitals in network
Hospitals Network, which offer cashless facility is an important feature of a health insurance plan. Prove to be very useful when it comes to emergency situations. Although generally you get a list of hospitals in the network when you buy a policy, you can request a list of companies before, or even check online on their website. Make sure that some of the hospitals close to stay inside the insurance company.

Check for loading costs

Most insurance companies offer no claims bonus at renewal if there is no requirement in the previous year. This is a monetary benefit you get. But what if you made a claim? Insurance companies include freight costs. Make sure your health insurance provider has a clear and defined load, or you may end up paying huge premiums.
How to compare?
When you start looking you need to get an impartial and objective picture of the different health insurance policies available on the market. You can switch between different companies and websites to find information about their products, or call their representatives and consultants to explain things, this would be tedious and time-consuming and certainly not enough objective. Even if you have any information, it is difficult to compare.

There is an easier way of what has emerged these days and is becoming popular as well. This is going to places like the insurance policy comparison, Policy Tiger, Bima Deals etc. and compare. Most chances are that you will receive a general comparison, but through benefits and bonuses. Some of these sites also offer online support services and the ability to buy secure online.

Finally, read the details of the selected products. Boring but very important because it will determine how you will benefit from an insurance in case of emergency.

Lifestyle Insurance Calculator

A expression lifestyle insurance calculator is what you require if you’re within the lookout for any life assurance policy. It’ll assist you determine the best kind of insurance that can match your desires. Before choosing an insurance coverage policy for yourself, it is necessary which you locate out what insurance coverage type you’d need to have, how much you’re able to spend to pay for it, and how much insurance you’d truly need to have.

You are able to decide the reply to the very last query by using the approach that agents use. It is referred to as the rule of thumb. In accordance to this technique, your life assurance should be in between 7 and ten times your yearly revenue.

Allow us have an example: when you earn $100,000 yearly, it is best to have an insurance coverage protection that’s in between $700,000 and $1,000,000. This amount will need to adequately cover all your family’s needs.

Life Insurance Online Quotes. This concept is greatly dependent within the notion that your beneficiaries will invest the daily life insurance coverage policy’s death benefit and receives a fairly adequate amount of return price to the first investment. If this can be so, they, your beneficiaries, would acquire the earnings from this investment as substitute to your revenue.

Because of that, there should be greater and a lot more effective method of figuring out the best kind of insurance coverage for you personally. That’s what a expression lifestyle insurance coverage calculator can do.

You’d need to answer at least five questions so that a exact figure could be generated. In less than two minutes, it’ll provide you with the lifestyle insurance coverage quantity that’s just match for you and your family members.

The next will be the main qualities of the phrase life insurance coverage calculator: it’s easy to use, you’ll be able to get an reply from it fast, it is custom-made for your private necessities, and it delivers accurate figures that are just correct for your financial state.

Child Life Insurance. In short, utilizing a daily life assurance calculator is the quickest and simplest approach that you’ll be able to use to decide what type of insurance coverage protection you must get so that you’ll be able to provide full safety in your loved ones. It tends to make sure that you purchase a daily life insurance coverage that will cover all your family’s desires once the time for you personally to go has arrive. All the money that you simply earned by means of your hardwork and perseverance when you were still alive will definitely be place to excellent use.

The Newest Threat to Your Car

One hundred car owners got an abrupt wake-up call last year when a disgruntled former dealership employee in Austin, Texas, used an Internet-based vehicle immobilization system to reach out and touch their lives. 

Electronic boxes installed by the used-car dealer receive a signal through a pager system. The horn honks, for example, when a payment is due. If payments are delinquent, the ignition is disabled.

Working from his home, moving alphabetically down a list of unsuspecting -- and paid up -- customers, the fired employee remotely set off car horns and disabled engines.
The damage that can be done by a few malicious keystrokes grows as cars become rolling high-tech showcases. Like any vandalism or theft, any physical damage due to car hacking is covered by your comprehensive car insurance, but that doesn’t reduce the creepiness of corporate monitoring, the tedium of repairing a stolen identity, or the nagging fear that your safety has been compromised.

A recently released report from the computer security company McAfee pulled together research done by several universities to evaluate the potential security threats to a cars' electrical components, which can be found in everything from radios to anti-lock brakes to electronic stability control systems to infotainment systems.
The threat to your car and your privacy is real, the studies find.
"It's not just theoretical. Attacks can take place," says Tim Fulkerson, senior director of marketing for McAfee Embedded Security.
Even the auto industry agrees. The subject has "kind of been lurking under the radar," says Peter Byk, an engineering specialist in the SAE International ground vehicle standards group, which formed a committee this spring to begin discussing safety and privacy concerns.

Don’t get out your tinfoil hat -- yet

The McAfee report looked at the potential for cybercriminals to track a driver's location, steal personal data from Bluetooth, disrupt navigation systems, disable emergency assistance systems and to unlock cars and start them remotely using cell phones.
So far the potential risks uncovered by researchers haven't translated into major problems in real life. 

"We're not aware that anything like this is happening in the real world," says Russ Rader, spokesperson for the Highway Loss Data Institute. "There's no indication that theft claims are going up as electronic systems proliferate; theft claim frequency is going down."
The National Insurance Crime Bureau also has not received reports of vehicles being hacked, says spokesperson Frank Scafidi. "People should not be losing sleep over the report." 

At the same time, he acknowledges "there is no such thing as a totally secure system."
Fulkerson says the goal of the McAfee report is to raise consumer awareness of the potential security threats. In addition, as more electronic bells and whistles are added to vehicles, the potential for problems rise. 

Even something as simple as an MP3 player that is plugged into your car's stereo system should have antivirus protection, Fulkerson says.

Driving distraction and risk? We asked for it

Virtually every automaker offers some sort of onboard connectivity as mobile technology develops to meet consumer desires and needs. But what are the ramifications of being connected while behind the wheel ? 

We already know that drivers’ insistence on seamless connectivity with the outside world creates huge safety issues of its own. (See “The mixed message on cell phone use.”)
It’s clear that drivers are willing to give up some of their privacy as well. For navigation to work, the computer has to know where you are. For “phone home” to dial correctly, your contacts need to be accessible. Data goes out, data comes in. 

More than 6 million drivers in the U.S. use General Motors’ OnStar telematics system to ask for directions, access e-mail, get weather reports and ask for emergency services. Its GPS functionality also allows authorities to track a stolen car. 

(They’ll trade their information for cheaper car insurance rates as well. An OnStar subscription is a key component to State Farm’s In-Drive program, which tracks driver behaviors and mileage and rewards low-risk drivers with discounts up to 50 percent.)
In a telling indicator of the kind of pressures the marketplace will witness in coming years, OnStar recently backed off proposed changes to its privacy policy that would have maintained its data connection to customers’ cars even after they ended their $199-a-year subscriptions. Before customers challenged the decision, OnStar had planned to keep the pipeline open and reserve the right to sell data gathered -- aggregated and without private information attached, of course.

Could a hacker crash your car?

Research funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and conducted by the University of California San Diego and the University of Washington found that a cybercriminal with a laptop could access the internal network of two 2009 autos "to take over a broad array of safety-critical computer systems." 

The research found, for example, that brakes could be disengaged while the car was in motion, making it nearly impossible to stop; or activated, forcing a sudden stop.
Another study, by Rutgers University and the University of South Carolina, found that radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, designed to keep track of vehicle tire pressure, can be used to track a vehicle and can pose a threat to passenger privacy if a cybercriminal uses a powerful long-distance reader. 

Perhaps worse, the threats aren’t necessarily all linked to the car. A Facebook password stored in the car’s electronics systems, allowing updates on the fly, could tip off a stalker or burglar if he or she gained access to it. 

As the number of electrical components in cars increases each year, it creates an increasing number of avenues for potential hackers to breach auto security, Byk says.
For example, the idea of someone potentially using RFID tags in a malicious manner "probably wasn't even considered" by automotive engineers, Byk says.

Protecting a moving target

Andre Weimerskirch, chief executive officer of ESCRYPT Inc., one of the partners in the McAfee study, says components must be protected so any potential attacker "needs to get through a security wall." 

Weimerskirch says he's seen an increase in concern by auto manufacturers in the past couple of years, as they try to "anticipate risks and want to mitigate them."
The committee formed by SAE International members this year is discussing things such as testing and design standards for embedded electronic devices, Byk says, and plans to come up with strategies to identify and prevent potential security breaches. 

Another topic will be how to mitigate the potential harm if a security breach occurs.
But hacking into an auto isn't a simple task. "It requires a certain amount of technical know-how to execute," he says. Cybercriminals not only need to have strong computer skills, they also have to be good at hacking.