Monday, July 9, 2012

INSURANCE WORKERS: Social Security coverage for informal workers prepare

JAKARTA: PT Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security signed a memorandum of understanding on Social Welfare Insurance.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between two agencies that will provide social protection for workers outside the employment relationship with the help of contributions (premiums) Social Welfare Insurance.

Social security programs will be given to informal sector workers for 2012 is a work accident insurance program (JKK) and life insurance (JK).

"The calculation of basic earnings premium to the working poor informal sector participation is set at Rp 800,000," said president director of PT Jamsostek Hotbonar Sinaga on the sidelines of the signing of the MoU on Monday (9/7).

He stressed the social security is social protection to ensure that all people in order to meet the basic needs of life they deserve.

With the function of providing premium is expected to increase the number of informal sector workers or workers outside the employment relationship have the protection of employees' social security programs such as the 1945 Constitution.

Meanwhile, Director General of the Ministry of Social Protection and Social Security Dulung Andi ZA, said that this year goes to social welfare insurance program in PT Jamsostek.

"Next year we propose a much more perfectly matched with the Indonesian people, especially those for informal workers are poor," he explained.


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